Peak Alexander Technique
Gillian Pierce  Msc MSTAT
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Alexander Technique Teacher
2 Grisedale Way, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11 7XT
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Peak Alexander Technique
Gillian Pierce  Msc MSTAT
Peak Alexander Technique - Gillian Pierce Logo
Stay Young with the Alexander Technique!
The Alexander Technique is a practical skill that can be learned by all ages. You will:
Peak Alexander Technique - Alexander Technique Lessons with Gillian Pierce in Macclesfield, Cheshire
Gillian Pierce MSc MSTAT
Gillian Pierce MSc MSTAT is a fully qualified Alexander Technique teacher resident in Macclesfield, Cheshire offering individual lessons, group demonstrations and introductory workshops in Cheshire, Greater Manchester and the North West.

Discover the secrets many professional actors, musician and athletes use to keep themselves supple and vigorous

The Alexander Technique is a practical method for changing harmful and often unconscious patterns of tension which may lead to a wide range of common problems.
Latest News and Events
Let us give a talk to your group or your friends. Visit the Contact page for further details and information.
Does your posture give your age away?
What is the first things people notice when you enter a room? Your clothes, your colouring, your posture?
A stooped posture and stiff movements are a dead give-away. They define an old person.
Improve posture and balance
Relieve and prevent pain
Move and breathe more easily
Become calmer and more relaxed
Exercise more efficiently and avoid stress and strain
Improve musical, acting and sporting performance
Sit and stand in comfort without slouching and avoid an elderly stoop
A talk by Gillian Pierce to Bollington Cross WI is scheduled for January 2016, and one to Macclesfield Lit and Phil later in the year.
Smart phone, smart posture is the theme for International Alexander Awareness Week 2016. View the video clip below and pass it on to all your friends
The benefits of the Alexander Technique have been officially recognised however it is still not widely available on the NHS.
NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) acknowledges that AT provides significant improvement in function, pain and quality of life.
NHS choices states that 'AT lessons may lead to reduced neck pain and associated disability'.
"It (the Alexander Technique) is well evidenced as effective for persistent, intractable back pain" Dr Adam Al-Kashi Head of Research and Education at BackCare.
Quote from 'Arthritis Digest' Summer 2014 "It may not be a quick fix, but the Alexander Technique can play a part in improving the overall health of people with arthritis".